I’m increasingly interested in the topic of how organisations store, manage and share information about users and design. Many of the organisations I deal with have mature UX research teams, yet there seems to be little or no knowledge management of UX assets. Whilst style guides and increasingly pattern libraries are used to share best-in-class design solutions, insight about users seems to be something that is often stored and shared in an ad hoc manner. Conversely, where insight about users is codified into tools such as personas* and centrally managed, they can be seen as generic and inflexible with correspondingly less value for individual design projects.

I’ve been discussing this topic recently with some peers in the UX industry. As a result, we’ve embarked on a programme of research to see if we can identify any trends or best practices in how large organisations can respond to the challenge of managing knowledge about users.

We’re asking for anyone involved in the management of UX work to help us by responding to a brief survey (link below). By this we mean not just designers and researchers, but UX managers, strategists and anyone whose role involves management or overall ownership of UX work, including project managers, product teams and business owners.

The survey itself should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Your responses can be anonymous – or if you prefer, you can opt in to take part in future conversations on this subject:

Survey: Design Knowledge in the Organisation

Thanks in advance for your contributions!